In the hills above Innsbruck at a small lake called Natterersee. There is a small plateau perched on the southern side of the city, which is wedged into the valley below. The mountains to the north rise dramatically, and the flights to and from the airport slim the roof tops of the city.

Up here in the plateau it’s idyllic. Perfect in the late afternoon sun we enjoy a walk around the surrounding farmland and villages. I’m getting the urge to yodel. Lots of locals out walking, horse riding and the like, and everyone gives a cheery greeting as they pass. We can’t work out what the greeting is though, neither Buon Giorno nor Gutten Tag. Sometimes it’s Hallo which is disconcerting, like they know we are English. The rest is some short word that sounds like arse!

Saturday we took the bus into Innsbruck and wandered the shops, enjoyed the coffee, cake and lunch (though I had a curry, not exactly local cuisine). For some reason Thai food is a big thing here.

The old town is compact, just a few streets but pedestrianised with lots of nice shops, nice architecture. Everyone very friendly and English spoken by most.

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  1. Looks great, and lovely and clean too. Lets have a video of you yodelling in your leather shorts with a feather in your hat! xxxxx

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