It’s Worth It For The Sausages

Wow, I’ve just looked at the date of my last post, and realised that the cave I currently reside in (renovating the house) is less like a cave and more like a time machine. Six weeks and nothing to report? Surely not.

There has no doubt been plenty to report, not less the progress of, but as yet unfinished renovations.

Still, I’m able to find some time to write as we are now, albeit temporarily, back ‘on the road’. This spot won’t make the list of the most luxurious of campsites, despite it’s proximity to the impressive Doddington Hall just outside of Lincoln. Our ‘des-res’ for the week, whilst free (as in gratis), is a farm track alongside the hall, surrounded by wooden pallets, farm implements and a field full of bullocks (as in cows). We do have power and Internet though, so beggars shouldn’t be choosers.

We are here as Mel is taking part in their month long Sculpture Exhibition, which starts this weekend (4th August). We’ve spent the day wheeling inanimate objects back and forth trying to decide on best position, which is tough considering there are already 200+ exhibits in place. In the end we found some good spots and so all is looking fine. I shall try to post some photos tomorrow, when we’ve had a chance to wander again.

There is a spectacular farm shop, from which we’ve made some purchases. I’m looking forward to the Lincolnshire sausages, which I have lined up for breakfast. The novel Scotch Egg I had for lunch was very agreeable (pickled egg, pork meat, wrapped in salt and vinegar crisps, instead of the traditional breadcrumbs).

Across the field full of bullocks, and somewhat in the distance, I think I can spy the tower of what may be Lincoln Cathedral. I’m led to believe there is such a thing, and from here it does indeed seem to fit the bill. Forecast for the next few days actually looks pretty agreeable, so I think after a splendid fry up in the morning, a little jaunt on the cycles will be in order.

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  1. Wow, you do get around! We still don’t have any firm plans for the UK but it’s looking like we’ll probably hug the eastern border as we’ve not been anywhere on this side apart from London, Dover and York a bit further north. I don’t suppose Mel has any exhibitions lined up for over this side does she?

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