I said ‘Lets walk’, she said ‘yes let’s’, I said ‘Beach’, she said ‘Sure’, we walked, not much conversation, just enjoying the sunshine and the crashing waves, and the sand, so much sand, and the shipwreck and the sand, and I said ‘Half way’ and she said ‘Another half an hour’ and I said ‘Ok’ and there was more sand and waves and then Contis les Bains, and would you believe it, everything shut, oh, except that one bar, at which two beers were consumed to quench big thirst (like Ice Cold in Alex), then back to the beach, which seems different now tide has been in and now receding but still trying to catch us out, so much scurrying to avoid wet feet, fortunately successful, then I said ‘do they keep moving that building’ and ‘where was that ship again’ and ‘Oh look, another perfect sunset’ and she said ‘Tired’, and ‘Where are you, it’s too dark’ and I said ‘Don’t walk into the fishermen’, and ‘At last – feels odd walking on Tarmac after all that sand’ and she said ‘Put the kettle on’ and I did, and then said ‘Knackered’ and she said ‘Me too’ and I said ‘How far’ and Google said ’20 miles’ and we both said ‘Bloody felt like it!’

Pictures tomorrow when I can be arsed!

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