March Challenge: Ideas

Its taken me a few days to settle on the challenge for March, but I’ve now settled on ‘ideas’. I wanted to document new ideas on each day of the month, but that might be a tall order, so I’m going to aim for 20 new ideas.

The last post on the future of the iPad was the starting point, but I won’t count that as my own. I’m hoping to document some things I’ve had floating around in my head for a while, and come up with some more, so I can choose the best ideas to move forward with. These could be business ideas, or things I can incorporate in my life, such as challenges for the rest of the year.

I still have mini-challenges, such as press ups. I won’t have access to the gym whilst I’m away, so to help keep fit, I’m going to be doing daily exercises, and one of those is press ups. When I started the february challenge, I could just about manage 10 without stopping, and now I’m up to 25. The March target therefore is going to be 50 without stopping, and 100 total reps per workout. That I’ll be a first in my life, so seems both apt and achievable.

The weight target is also 12 stones (76kg) before the end of the month, so need to mind the diet whilst away, and keep up the physical exercise. Skiing will obviously help with that, but need to avoid too many French pastries!

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