Meet Spanish Flora, Such a Nice Girl

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We moved campsites today as expected, so we are now on the southern end of the Parc Natural de la Siera d’Irta, Camping Ribamar. Unfortunately the wifi is poor, or at least the satellite uplink they use is poor. We are only just in range of the access point, so may consider moving pitches, but I suspect the uplink is not good. Will do some tests tomorrow.

The more important thing is that there are some walking and cycling routes in the hills that make up the park. Mel wants to complete some work tomorrow, so I may play Indian scout and go investigate to see if any are ‘heap big trouble’.

The rest of the afternoon today, Mel got on with some work, and I, due to the feeble Internet, spent the time basking in the sunshine. If you thought yesterday’s T-Shirt experience was something, we got down to shorts, flip flops and NO T-Shirt today! Well me, Mel remained decent. Unfortunately the rest of the campsite seems to be stout Germans, and that’s just the women! I’m going to buy Leiderhosen tomorrow in advance of the New Year celebrations.

We finally got out for a walk along the coast into town late I the afternoon, which is where I got the picture of the local Flora, then stumbled back in the dark along the gravel track. They said it was a half hour walk into the town. We don’t hang about and it took and hour and a half each way, so I think the locals might all do well in the 2012 Olympics.

1 thought on “Meet Spanish Flora, Such a Nice Girl

  1. Happy new year to you and enjoied your stay in Spain without t-shirts ! Today we celebrated the new year’s day at Porlock beach, 1°C more (in Judith’s blood) and she was ready to swim completly naked in the sea at nearly 30°C …
    Judith (hips) and Patrick
    PS : I tried to attach a picture but it doesn’t work today (Invalid referrer! error message ?). I will try later …

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