Midleton Farmers Market

Turned out to be a peaceful night for a town carpark. Fortunately no boy racers dong donuts around the place, although we were woken at 6:45 to the sound of the glass recycling bins being emptied, so you can’t have everything.

It turned out that Midleton is home to the old Jamesons Distillery, although production has now moved to Cork. So the Jameson’s Experience is a ripening for ‘tourist attraction’ so we decided to find something more authentic elsewhere on the trip.

We did notice in one guide book a reference to the quality of the farmers market, so decided to check that before leaving. And good job we did. It was a cracker. Small, but with top quality nosh, so we liberally stocked up.

Moving on, we’ve just enjoyed lunch at Fishy Fishy Restaurant in Kinsale. Renowned to be one of the best fish restaurants in Ireland. Certainly good, I now feel rather stuffed and have a need to go walk it off. Although the glass of wine might mean I can’t be arsed. Apologies for the lack of lunch photo, I’ll just leave you to imagine what you might conjure up with such lovely farmers nosh.

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