Montolieu – The Town of Books

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By rights, we should have cycled to Carcassonne today, but as is very much becoming the norm, a late start meant that we didn’t think we’d have time, and actually neither of us were probably really feeling like a 40 mile ride! So we decided to go out a little more locally, although still did 25 miles, including the first 10 being up a constant gradient that had us both thinking that we’d gone an awful lot further than the odometer said.

We went to a a nearby town of Montolieu, which is known as ‘Le Ville de Livre’, or ‘The Town of Books’. The town map boasted 14 libraries, although these appeared to be book shops, and it was fun exploring the little back streets. Its sandwiched on a promontory between two rivers (or a divided one), so there are precipitous drops into the waters below. A quaint place, well worth a visit. Shame it was Sunday in December for us, as usual for France, not much going on. We tried to get coffee and cake, but the ‘Salon de Thé’ would only stretch to coffee on its own – no cakes as there were people coming for lunch. What, you mean not even a pudding, like the ones in the cabinet? Nope, apparently not.

I’m starting to wonder if anyone actually had any fun in France, I’ve yet to come across anyone laughing, even at our expense?

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