Nothing to See Here, Except Facial Hair

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Not much to report today. Weather misty for most of the morning so we sat around doing not a lot, then I spent the afternoon getting work projects out of the way, enjoying the sun streaming through the window, once it made an appearance. Mel did a bit of sculpting and then went for a walk on the beach.

I must get some exercise tomorrow!

Thought I would give you a look at the product of the last couple of weeks inactivity in the shaving department. I don’t think it going to become a feature, it’s bring far too annoying! I don’t know how I managed to live with the fuzz for nearly 10 years, it seems so odd now.

3 thoughts on “Nothing to See Here, Except Facial Hair

  1. Not a pretty sight Dave! You look like Clint Eastwood in this one, so maybe not so bad. The fungus does add years to your otherwise handsome features though.

    1. Not officially doing Movember, just being lazy, but I did sport various combinations of fuzz for 10 years or so, finally returning to the clean shaven fold (sorry, that could sound smutty) about 3 years go. As I’ve not ha to go face-to-face with a client for a couple of weeks, I thought it would be interesting to see what it looked and felt like again. I must admit I’m not really enjoying it, so I think it will be lucky to see it into Decembeer before it gets the chop. Watch this space!

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