Our Pitch for the Night

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Alas, no electricity here, and we’ve only got 50% in the battery. Need to find a campsite with Internet tomorrow so that I can get some work done (shocking I know).

I feel the seaside calling, whilst the weather is good.

2 thoughts on “Our Pitch for the Night

  1. I will be following your every move – and taking note of all of the problems you face so that we try and avoid them! Water connectors the wrong size, sites without electricity, I have a lot to learn.

    Spent most of Saturday looking at motorhomes in Somerset, I am inspired by your journey but Rob would probably prefer it if if you dampened my enthusiasm a bit – so keep the information coming…

    It was lovely to see you last week and you never know we might catch up somewhere in Europe. Have a great day and hope you find the sunshine soon.

    Debbie x

    1. Debbie – good to hear from you! We did in fact have the right water connector, just hadn’t been thinking laterally. The electricity problem was that they did have it, but not after end of October on that site. So far we are coping ok! Will try and find a campsite tonight. Tell Rob he’ll enjoy the challenge and it will stop him being preoccupied with work! See you soon!

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