Phase 2 – Old Lounge, Master Bedroom and Bathroom

Here is the next job on the list. We gutted the old part of the house three years ago with the intention of moving the kitchen into the old lounge (pictured). We failed to follow through as a result of the recession, Mel shifting careers to sculpting and me getting my time sucked away by IT Support. A kitchen seemed a luxury, and the rest of the house was functional if somewhat cramped by having to house the contents shifted from its former place of rest.

I’m still undecided whether to move the kitchen or if to just finish the room as a dining room. It’s crying out to be a kitchen, but it is of course extra work and money, but it could well be worth if. I need to sit down for a couple of days next week and cost up the work. There is lots to consider, changes to heating, possibly removing the conservatory which has never worked as a space, insulation and dry lining, etc, etc. I’m rather hoping I can get through all the jobs faster than I have with the downstairs loo. But small spaces can take longer than larger ones – everything becomes a fiddle and slows things down.

Upstairs the master bedroom and bathroom are in a similar state, but there isn’t much need to reconfigure the space, just insulate, dry line, plaster and re-plumb. Simpler in theory.

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