Royan to Le Verdon-sur-Mer Ferry

[![The beach and harbour at Royan](×481.jpg “The beach and harbour at Royan”)]( “The beach and harbour at Royan”)
The beach and harbour at Royan

After a typically slow start this morning, we decided to leave the île-d’Oléron and head towards Bordeaux. Before we get there we have the opportunity to see one of the less populated parts of France, the Gironde peninsula. Land of pine forests, sand dunes and beaches.

[![Waiting for the Ferry to Le Verdon-sur-Mer](×481.jpg “Waiting for the Ferry to Le Verdon-sur-Mer”)]( “Waiting for the Ferry to Le Verdon-sur-Mer”)
Waiting for the Ferry to Le Verdon-sur-Mer

A quick 20 minute ferry crossing of the Gironde and a bit of a change of scene hopefully. There is also a well mapped part of the Eurovelo 1 ‘Atlantic Coast Route’ that heads south from here, so I’m tempted to take a day or two cycling if the weather holds out. It’s mostly on trails rather the roads apparently, through the forests do could be quite different from my last Eurovelo experience.

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