Run for Them Thar Hills

Sod all activity on the blog for what seems an age, and sod all happening that should have been happening. Plans to escape the country are on hold for the short term – the kitchen project is, as might expected, taking longer than it should, and this has now impacted enough on the time we might have got away for to make the effort outweigh the reward. Despite what by all accounts is fantastic snow in the Alps, we are getting none of it.

We may well take a week somewhere closer to home shortly, but the priority has to be getting the kitchen back together. You really don’t want a project like this in a house with completely wonky walls and an over ambitious idea of what you can fit in – nothing goes to plan.

Hound Tor

With spring starting to spring, and the sun shining strongly, we said bollocks to the kitchen last Friday and went for a walk on Dartmoor to try and readjust perspectives. Definitely worth the time out. We had a little tour of some tors (Haytor and Hound Tor), and a nice lunch in The Old Inn in Widecombe-on-the-Moor.

Looking along a dry stone wall on The Two Moors Way, Dartmoor

Dartmoor Pony, moody post-processing for effect

A wonderfully rustic gateway

Looking across from Hound Tor to Haytor

Now back to the kitchen!

1 thought on “Run for Them Thar Hills

  1. Hi Dave and Mel, Joan said you can come and do a lot of work here but enjoy your live as much as pos.
    lots of sunshine at the moment but cold .
    Greetings and best wishes .

    Jan and Joan

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