Short on Time so Skiing is Curtailed

Well, not quite what we had planned, but having finally got around to some skiing we realise that we are running short on time before Mel’s return to the UK, and that sadly therefore we must settle for just the one day on the slopes. Seems daft I know, but there you go. Mel didn’t want to ski on a second consecutive day as she gets knee problems, so the option was to do something else for a day (walk, cycle, work) then ski again on Friday. Work was not practical for Mel as it was too cold to sit outside. There are things she still needs to finish before she returns to her exhibition. We are also meeting with Kate and Piers in Seville on 18th, and it’s Mel’s birthday on Sunday (12th) and so we wanted to be somewhere warmer for that.

So what I’m saying is – bugger, should have planned that better! Mel did point out that I could always ski in the Pyrenees as I drive back north, which is indeed an option. I’ll have to do some research on where I might do that.

We are now heading in the general direction of Cadiz, just north of Gibraltar, and have stopped halfway, north of Malaga for the night. It must have been cold here last night, the heater was on all night and it as still very chilly in the van when we woke. A quick blast with the gas heating was necessary to restore normality!

Something I have noticed whilst driving around Spain – garages and often shops have a very prominent sign outside written in English that reads “A customer complaints form is available on request”. There is no equivalent Spanish sign, so what is it about the English that we like to complain so much that the local retailers feel it necessary to make special provisions? Or perhaps they are just fed up with Brits shouting at the staff in an attempt to make themselves heard! I’ve had no cause for complaint so far, and given my limited Spanish I’m sure i would just shrug my shoulders and leave if there was a problem (like the unavailability of LPG the other day).

Talking of LPG, we were able to fill up in Granada yesterday. Only 14 litres required so the first tank was not even empty despite the gauge reporting otherwise. Ok, gas was still coming out and I know now not to take the gauge too literally, but we had gone nearly 20 days on that one tank. Just seemed to be going on forever!

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