Skiing St. Anton Style

Finally the clouds parted, the sun shone, and the snow delivered a lovely afternoon of winter sports fun. I wouldn’t say St. Anton provides the best skiing in the world, but it was certainly good enough for an afternoon of piste bashing.

The lower slopes, even with the fresh dusting are now trashed. I got caught out on a black run by a wall of slush puppy, but it wasn’t much of a tumble, just ended up going unexpectedly backwards whilst trying to find something to get the edges into to arrest the descent.

We are going to head into Germany today, probably around Lake Constance, and see of we can find Some nice walking or cycling. Only a couple of weeks left before we are back home, so trying to make the most of it.

1 thought on “Skiing St. Anton Style

  1. I see you are coming ‘home’ in a couple of weeks. It would be good go get together at our place and catch up. Email or call when you know your whereabouts….

    Love to Mel.


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