St. Anton

After dropping Sarah and Angus off at the airport in Innsbruck, we headed west along the valley towards Switzerland. We’ve found a campsite a couple of miles from St. Anton. We need to sit out a couple of days of bad weather which hopefully should top up the snow. We’ll then be able to get the ski bus into town and see what St. Anton has to offer.

We walked into town last night along the valley, then rewarded ourselves with Black Forest gateaux and coffee before walking back in the dark.

On the return to the campsite we stopped in at the onsite bar. About half a dozen locals plus a similar number of campers. Two beers ordered. I was not sure weather to be offended by the glass it came in. Is it me, or are they suggesting it’s for ‘foreign buggers’? Anyway, not so offended that I didn’t drink it, and another, along with the obligatory Schnapps chaser. Very warming!

Another walk along the valley this morning, hoping to get some exercise before the snow starts. Lovely pasture, chalets and little huts, plus some local wildlife in the sharp of deer (big buggers too), and some charming log stacking. If anyone knows what the wooden stacks that are hung up under the waves of buildings and sometimes their own little hut, let me know. They have two cross-pieces at right angles, but we can’t figure out the function.

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  1. Looks great! I think your hair is growing again Dave. Angus looks like the cat who got the cream, with his huge dessert. xxxx

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