Still on the île-d’Oléron

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Second to stay put as the weather is lovely today. A few chores to be done such as some washing of clothes, and also some more thing to fix.

I noticed this morning a lot of water under the van, fortunately coming from the waste water overflow. The gauge was showing 75% and so we knew we were due to empty it, but obviously the gauge is off. On inspection, the overflow is lower down the tank thank the full sensor, so a slight design flaw! Also, I discovered water leaking from the shower inlet to the waste tank. Only a small amount, and fortunately it was finding it way out of the vehicle without harm. I checked the connection and retightened it. I suspect it’s only a problem when the tank is near full and water is resting over the connection. Will keep an eye.

The other problem was my bed head support. The head end lifts up on supports, a bit like hospital beds. I’d used this for the first time a couple of days ago, then realised after that one of the supports had fallen out of it’s mounting. Not very helpful. Closer inspection suggests that they been damaged in the past, as the supports are bent on my side and not Mels. I managed to get it working again with a deft bit of hammering with an adjustable spanner!

Also had time to address a knock on my bike, which appears to have been a loose spoke. I have tweaked a few and the noise appears to have stopped.

Oh, and I’ve got more work to do, so not much time to sit around and enjoy the sunshine!

2 thoughts on “Still on the île-d’Oléron

  1. Ah, life in a Motorhome, eh?
    Just like being at home except that your house and your car are joined together and make (at least) twice the interest (problems).
    Still, you could be fixing them in Somerset in the cold!
    Water level guages (waste or fresh) are notoriously un reliable – use your nous to judge when to top up or empty.
    Keep an eye on the waste pipe leak, as long as all watery stuff drains outside should be OK – I reckon that tightening the join (usually a plastic nut) should do the job. You can always undo nut, and tape up jount befor re doing nut.
    No time for sitting in the sun I’m afraid – who told you it was all fun and games!

    1. Chris – thanks for the advice – basically what I had been doing anyway. Oh, and I’m not complaining about having to do it – a necessary task to take advantage of the time exploring!

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