The Coastline of the Costa Tropical, and Thoughts of Home

After time spent sorting out Wifi and catching up on a bit of work, we ventured out on the bicycles to explore a bit of the coastline. Not very far, just the headland to the west of the bay at La Herradura, towards Nerja, but it’s a pretty steep 4 mile climb.

There are dramatic cliffs, the road clinging to the face and giving great views along the coast (and down into the depths should you wish to test your vertigo). The large white house in the last photo looks similar to one that we had looked at renting. Not the whole thing, just an apartment, but even then it was more money than we wanted to pay. And I’m glad we didn’t, whilst the location is pretty stunning, I’ve so enjoyed our travels through France and Spain. I’m looking forward to the journey homeward, although looking at the weather forecast for the coming week, I’m hoping that it will warm up somewhat, most of Spain and France don’t look like they’ll get above freezing even during the day.

But we still have three weeks to go before heading home. Mel is going to be flying back for an [exhibition of her sculptures]( on the 22nd, and I shall be piloting the plastic spaceship back to Blighty over the following two weeks.

1 thought on “The Coastline of the Costa Tropical, and Thoughts of Home

  1. Hi Dave and Mel.

    I have finally got around to going to your web site and it sounds as if you and Mel are having a wonderful time across France and Spain – and so healthy!!! It sounds almost frightening what with the amount of bike riding, mountain climbing and snow skiing that you’re both doing.
    We will catch up with you in April. We plan to be in Somerset over 3 nights at your Mum’s (and Tony’s place) on Thursday, Friday and Saturday 19/20/21 April, 2012. See you both then. Love and the best from your Aussie cousin, Glenda (& Greg). Yes, he’s coming with me on this overseas holiday!

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