The Cutest Balrog You Ever Did Hear

Finally got around to that walk today, a variation on the walk from new years day, again passing through Campanilles, but going up via Font d’En Cannes, and back via the rocky climb (this time descent) to Font d’En Parra.

At the Font d’En Parra, there is a well. And in this well, there was, well, a noise. Just as we arrived at the well a bird flew out of the well, and nothing other remarkable was to be noted. We stopped and had a drink and a banana before moving on, but just as we were about to leave there was this bleeping noise. Check mobile – nope. Check around the area – nope. A bird in the trees maybe – nope. Eventually we realised that the bleeping was coming from inside the well, so we peered in, and sure, that is where the noise was coming from. We couldn’t work out quite what would make such an odd noise, and couldn’t see any signs of life. The well was not deep, the water was only about 6 feet below ground, but the walls were lined with rocks and so there were lots of crevices for critters to hide in, but I’ve never heard such a noise emanating from a living thing before. It sounded much more like a piece of technology!

If anyone has an idea as to the culprit – do let me know! For now I’m calling it a cute Balrog!

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