The Dubliners

Well, not much going on here, apart from dealing with assorted shite. We’ve moved to the outskirts of Dublin, a campsite conveniently situated for getting into the city, but blighted by being near to a main road, so not the most peaceful or scenic of places after the last few weeks.

No pictures in the last few days, as I’ve been confined to the van trying to get some work done, and investigating van issues. Our heater is no longer usable. There is a fan duct that feeds air into the top of the heater which has become distorted and cracked. We think only because its become loose from vibrations, but we can’t tell if the heater is otherwise at fault. As a result, hot air was escaping and starting to melt from foam that is designed to prevent you scorching your hand if you get near it, but was not robust enough to cope with the leaking heat. That has melted and I’ve had to remove it in the process of investigating. Not a big problem if we are on a campsite, as we can use their showers and have an electric fan heater for warmth.

Just to keep life interesting, the security alarm developed a fault, which I managed to track down to one of the door sensors, a magnetic reed switch which has failed and leaves it thinking the door is open. I’ve been able to remove it, leaving the wires disconnected makes it think that the door is closed, so we can at least set the alarm. Its the least important door fortunately.

Mel went into Dublin yesterday for a look around, and tried to get a replacement reed switch from Maplin’s, but they turned out to be a) muppets, and b) out of stock of either of the useful replacements.

But on the upside, the weather is generally better than it was on the west coast. We’ll probably be hanging around here for the next few days, we might try another campsite, and there is a driving route around the Boyne valley which might be interesting as there’s lots of pre-history artefacts in the area. Plus, I’d quite like to go take a look at Dublin!

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