The Gap of Dunloe

The Gap of Dunloe is a pass through the Kerry mountains, with Macgillycuddy’s Reeks to the west and the Purple Mountain to the east. It’s a popular tourist spot, and on this day, host to the Killarney Adventure Race. There were bicycles and sweaty buttocks as far as the eye could see. Apparently you can run, cycle and kayak your way to glory.

Fortunately it didn’t detract too much from the walk up through the gap. Whilst there is a paved road all the way, it’s very narrow and twisty with not too many passing places on the upper stretches. Certainly not a place for the van, although it probably would have got through at a squeeze. But of course that would miss the best of the views and the ambience. There were a few cars, but most people seemed to do the right thing and walk, or just sit in the care at the bottom and eat cake.

It was about 5 miles each way, only a couple of hundred metres of climb and all on the road, and we were in no rush, so very enjoyable. Despite the grey start to the day, the sun even managed to put in an appearance whilst we were near the upper section, which definitely added to the experience.

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