The Quest for a Laundrette

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It’s all gone a bit quiet here, a sign of some work in progress. Having found a nice spot to stop, we’ve kind of got stuck here. We’ve spent the last 3 evenings with Michael and Katherine which have been great. It rained and blew a bit last night, but nothing to difficult, and today the sun has returned although its a bit on the fresh side. Mel has been working outside though, as the sunshine makes up for it. The forecast for the week ahead is plenty of sunshine and warmer temps returning, so for the time being, there isn’t much urge to move on.

Only a few things to think about. Firstly once you get stationary for a couple of days you forget about where the water comes from – and goes to. After 3 days we suddenly remembered we might need some more water and maybe should be doing something about the waste, so his morning I was on toilet and grey water emptying duties whilst Mel walked into the town to get croissants and baguette.

We are also getting desperate for a laundrette. The campsite has facilities but the dryer is out of order until next week, and today’s been the first day we could dry outside, although we don’t have a washing line, so that could be interesting. We’ve both walked around the town in search but can’t find one, and I even cycled around the town today, including the out of town areas (French supermarket fuel stations often have laundrette facilities). Nothing.

We started off on the bikes towards the next town about 5 miles away the evening, then thought better of it as we would run out of daylight for the return journey. So I’ve done about 25 miles today in search of a laundrette, which is an interesting excuse for a bike ride!

The picture is Étang de l’Olivier (Étangs are reservoirs or lakes) which is a short distance from the site, and I’ve now passed it 6 times today. Perhaps I’m destined to wash my smalls on the banks of the lake?

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