The Rhine

Saturday was hiking day. Sebastian and Nadine had arranged a route, but first we needed to drive north from the campsite, alongside the Rhine, across on a ferry to the west bank, and then along a little further to Loreley. A site of ancient legend (I think), and an impressive view point across the river known as Dragon Rock. Our hiking route started just north, took a wide sweeping arc and then approached the rock from the south. Lovely sunshine accompanied us, and we all had a thoroughly good time.

The Rhine here is very charming, steep hills either side to the broad river below, pleasure cruisers and freight boats chugging back and forth, and a railway on either side.

Back to the van via the supermarket and Sebastian showed off his culinary skills and rustled up a traditional Putenschnitzel (thats Turkey to you and I, not reclaimed Russian president), and Schepnudeln (I think I may have misspelled that, but its a bit like Italian Gnocchi but firmer). A sauce, salad, some great German wines, and of course, great company. Perfect day!

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