The Weather Outside is Frightful, the Snow is so…. missing!

A bit of a pee souper of a day. It rained overnight, and in theory should have snowed above about 1700m, but the overnight snow reports suggest that it got rain to at least 1850m, so the chances are that what little, crappy snow there was has just been annihilated. St Gervais only goes to about 2100m, and its hard to go much higher around this part of the Alps.

Not that we can see what’s happening at the moment, as the rain has stuck around all day and the cloud has been hanging around the 800-900m level, and often lower, so we have only had the briefest of glimpses of what is going on further up. And its been impossible to tell if what snow we can see if old or new. So we’ll have to wait for the morning. I hate skiing in these sort of conditions, you can barely tell which way is up or down, let alone where the nearest Vin Chaud can be found.

As a result we’ve had a worky kind of day, Mel has been doing a bit of sculpting, I’ve continued work on the design for the Festival Guide. We took a brief trip out late afternoon to go and look around some of the out-of-town shopping in Sallanches, there is a nice kitchen/bathroom showroom, and outdoor sports place, and a DIY type place. It’s always interesting to see whats different from the UK. So far we’ve come to the conclusion that the French have finally got DIY fever, or at least the retailers have decided to stiff the customers in the same way as in the UK. The French DIY stores were always more practical than the UK, and the prices were so much better, that we’ve in the past brought items to take back to the UK. Not this time though, everything, if anything, seems to be as expensive if not more so than the UK. EU30 for a 3 pack of down lighters, you must be having a laugh (although I know B&Q often charge the same).

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