What Lazy Days

A perfectly lazy day today, a bit of a lie in, leisurely breakfast, reading, catchup on some work – yes I know is a Saturday, although only from looking at the calendar, as all the days seem to become a bit of a blur after a while.

Finally got around to doing something purposeful around 5pm by going off to the supermarket for some provisions. So a couple of miles of exercise gained.

Shall hopes do better tomorrow, current plan is to go for a cycle ride into Alicante for a bit of a mooch around. Our plan is then to make a jump o down the coast to Almeria or thereabouts. We’ll finally be getting into the part of Spain that we originally intended to! Looks like if we wait a week we might be able to get some fresh powder skiing in the Sierra Nevadas as there is some weather forecast. In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine and get out a bit on the bikes.

All very agreeable!

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