What’s Mel Been Working On?

Mel has been doing quite a bit of [sculpture work](http://melaniedeegan.com) whilst we’ve been travelling, and here is an image of one piece, taken on the beach on the Costa Tropical. There are a number of other pieces but I don’t have the images to hand at the moment. I will endeavour to post some more shortly.

As Mel is returning to the UK before me for [an exhibition at Blackmore Farm](http://www.gallery4art.co.uk/exhibitions/february2012) from the 25th February 2012, she needs to get some of this work home with her in order to exhibit. We are trying to find the best way of packing things to either send them parcel post (one piece is on a trial run at the moment) and she will be able to take some pieces on the flight, but we need to ensure that the baggage handlers don’t mangle them!

2 thoughts on “What’s Mel Been Working On?

  1. I love the idea of photographing pieces wherever’s local at the moment. I’ve been eyeing off lovely stone walls pondering this notion myself. It could be like an impromptu art exhibition.

    Are you guys keeping warm?

    I can’t even begin to imagine how you’d go about packing something like that for shipping. Hope it turns out ok!

    1. Yes, keeping very warm. We are at 1000m altitude at the moment, and it was about -5 last night but with the electric heater we are doing fine! Went to Sierra Nevada ski resort today – 2,000m and very fresh wind! There were about 10 campers in the carpark for the night. Bet thats chilly!

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