Where Does the Time Go?

Well, it was a lovely lunch, a great view, but my word doesn’t the time fly. It was 3pm by the time we got going (although it was a late stop), and by the time we’d wandered along the coast of the bay, stopped for the supermarket, and then had several aborted attempts at finding a camp site or Aire that was a) open and b) had electricity it was gone 5pm. I had some work to get on with and so then it was tea, a film, and now to bed!

I only got one photo during the afternoon, the Phare du Cap Ferret (a lighthouse), but I managed to blow my data limit on the phone by hooking it up to the laptop so I could send an email about my business insurance renewal, and it merrily started trying to sync a bunch of other stuff without me realising until I got a text warning me I was close to the limit but by then too late! So the photo will have to wait for tomorrow.

Keep the comments coming, it’s nice to now that you are following along and to here from you all!

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