Amanda’s Walk Day 7

Another fabulous day, although there was a threat of rain mid morning, after we’d relocated the motorhome to just outside the village of Bibary, which was heaving with tourists having a gorp around the picturesque old village houses, I think managed either by the National Trust or English Heritage. We didn’t go further than the cafe whilst we waited for the bus to Cirencester.

By the time we got to Cirencester it was time for lunch, and with no pubs along the route, and a stiff chilly breeze pitting us off a picnic, we found a cafe. Then off through the town whilst trying to stop Amanda’s magpie tendencies dragging us off into shops after shiny things.

Passing more of the obligatory cutesy Cotswold cottages enroute we finally caught up with Neil and Mel at The Inn at Fossebridge around 4pm. Mel then joined us for the last three miles into Northleach, and to round off the days walking, a round of Gin and Tonics at one our favourite pubs, The Wheatsheaf.

We celebrated a week of Amanda walking (and my three days) with a slap up meal at the Inn at Fossebridge. As ever, with great company.

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