Farindola Walk 1

My first exploration from our accommodation, I finally mustered myself about 5:30 as the heat of the day started to subside. Yesterday was just acclimatisation. Basically hanging out, getting some work done, and a wander around the town, but not too far.

I had intended on getting out early today, but I really needed to catch up on some sleep, as the last week has had too many late nights. So a bit of work, a nice lunch on the terrace, and afternoon siesta and a little more work. Enough, time for a walk!

I set off up the road, which soon forks towards a dead end and a loop around to Regipiano, a ridge above the town. I headed for the dead end, hoping to find a footpath into the hills.

I passed the lake and the salamander reserve, but kept heading up the road, past the restaurant which comes much recommended by our hosts, but is popular so needs a booking for later in the week perhaps. It was shut as I passed.

Eventually the road comes go an end at a picnic area which was being enjoyed by some locals, variously sitting about and rock climbing. In fact, it seemed to be the septuagenarians who were doing the climbing.

The valley opened out ahead of me and I found a track that set off through fields which I followed for a mile or so before deciding to save the rest of it for another day with more time (and a supply of water).

Back just in time for tea with our assorted artists!

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