Farindola – The First Supper

The routine is now established. Breakfast, sunbathe whilst reading, sunbathe whilst listening to podcasts, work, lunch, siesta, work, walk.

5 miles walk today in a loop through the hills following the road. Gorgeous views across the hills and down towards Pescara and the sea. It was a quick pace, so very sweaty, but a nice cool shower once back at base.

The evening featured a meal and entertainment laid on by the town, with around 100 townspeople enjoying the festivities too. The band were from Pescara, had a quirky, slightly surreal edge, up tempo, foot tapping music , and a theme that suggested they came from Pluto. No idea what the chap at the table in front of the stage was doing. He sat their all night smoking, reading the paper and having a foot bath. All part of the show, didn’t quite get it. Most of the locals looked bemused too.

The mayor, Illario, worked his socks off too, ferrying food around. He’s probably only about 30, his assistant Gianluca, looks about 12 but is probably early twenties, and they seem to be working hard to make a difference. All seems very progressive!

Helen, pictured in the stripy top, is an expat and our host, it being her and her husband Paul’s idea to make the arts an extra strand to the food and wine festival that starts at the weekend.

Last night was great fun. By the time the lemoncello was passed around we were all quite merry, plus there was some other evil concoction that came straight from the doctors medicine cabinet. They were quite concerned that we wanted to walk the mile and half back to the accommodation, warning us to watch out for the wild boar, but we were happy for the walk in the moonlight. Superb!

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