Glen Affric

Stayed at Culloden yesterday, but didn’t bother with the battlefield attraction. Eleven quid is a rip off.

So headed to Glen Ord Distillery for a tour and a tasting which was very informative. For some reason that place is hard to avoid, we’ve past it three times now completely by accident. So rude not to go inside.

In the evening we drove into Glen Affric, alleged to be the prettiest of Scotland’s Glens. We couldn’t see much on arrival other than that the water was very high after the recent rain. We wild camped and then went off a walk around Loch Affric which was probably one of the most scenic of walks so far. Like walking through a postcard picture. Stunning.

The walk made even more entertaining by having to remove shoes and roll up trousers to wade through a ford, swollen by the rains. We’d tried for 20 minutes to find an alternative but no luck with the volume of water. So knee deep in bloody cold water if was, either that or retrace 6 miles of steps.

3 thoughts on “Glen Affric

  1. Good Morning Mel and Dave,Ord distilery ?, past it 300-400 times never bin in (same on me).
    Glen Affric wash I right to tell Y

  2. (cont. sorry)You about Glen Affrich? the stream you had to cross washt away about 20 years ago never replaced it dus safe a feed wash in the end.
    Loking forwarde to some moor photos.
    Jan &Joan XXX

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