On a persistently damp day, we decided to do something slightly different – in fact very different. We went to the cinema. It must have been a while since we’ve been because we were a little shocked at the cost of tickets, but hey-ho.

We opted for something that the big screen would do justice to, and plumped for Brad Pitt war flick, Fury. The tale of a U.S. tank crew in the final months of WWII, battling through Nazi Germany. The objective is unclear, other than a desire all round to kill as many Germans as possible, with a particular hatred for the SS.

Large parts of the film are shot within the tank, cramped home to 5 men. One is a rookie, who doesn’t particularly want to be there, trained only in brandishing a typewriter, but somehow deployed to replace a recently killed team member. Other more human periods of the film take place in brief rest periods between conflict.

The pace of the film was good, rarely a dull or out of place moment, but a somewhat tried and tested formula, perhaps except for the ending, which I shan’t spoil for you.

Worth seeing on the big screen, although I don’t think I’ll make the effort again soon unless it’s a film that truly does require a big screen, as the cost didn’t really justify the benefit over the small screen.

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