Largo Bay, Firth of Forth

A day of two halves. Well for Mel, I had two pints. More on that shortly.

We wild camped the night in Leven, troubled only slightly by youths with fireworks, but they were just having fun so leave them be. They weren’t interested in us, we just happened to be in their favourite loitering spot.

Come the morning and a clear start, we drove along to Largo, then walked east along the bay towards Elie. Lovely sandy beach, gorgeous sunshine, perfect.

We stopped along the way for coffee and cake in a campsite cafe, but it turned out to be disappointing. Just naff. But on arriving in Elie, we found the Ship Inn, which was much more cozy and inviting, and lovely food to go with the beers. We lingered a bit, people watching and having a giggle.

Unfortunately it then started to drizzle. Out we went hoping it wouldn’t last, but it persisted for the full 7 miles of the return journey, meaning that by the time we were back we we soaked through, even with the waterproofs. To console ourselves we headed into St Andrews, wild camped by the harbour for the night and enjoyed some rather good fish and chips.

Mustn’t grumble!

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