Robin Hood’s Bay to Ravenscar

Skipping on down the coat now, need to make some progress, but keen to see what some of these parts have to offer in the way of scenery. I have been here before, Whitby not all that many years ago, but only on flying visits, much like this one.

I’ve not stopped his time, just passing through, maybe pulling over for a coffee but no time to sightsee. I can to Robin Hood’s Bay because I think I came here on a school trip when I was ten. I was hoping it might ring some bells. It certainly felt right, but I couldn’t find where we stayed, based on some hazy memories of prefab concrete dormitories. There is a place above the town which is an old school house which now provides group and schoolchildren accommodation, but it looked nothing like I remember, other than its vague position in town. I dare say the prefabs were demolished years ago.

What is also notable about here is that it’s the end of Wainrights Coast to Coast walk, which I ought to tackle one day. I very nearly went to the other end, St. Bees Head in the Lake District, when I was there on the way to Scotland.

I opted for walking the coast path to Ravenscar, another place test rang bells but I couldn’t figure out why. Maybe the Alum Works, maybe the geology of the cliffs, no doubt both things that would have occupied children’s minds on a school trip.

A cove called Boggle Hole seemed suddenly familiar, and there is a YHA place there. Could that have been where we stayed? Seemed too remote though, I’m sure I remember looking down on the town.

Probably my mind blending together many unrelated events.

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