The Humber Bridge, Lincolnshire Wolds, and The Wash

Spent the whole day driving, weather not particularly inspiring, fog through most of Yorkshire, turning nicer once across the Humber Bridge and into the Lincolnshire Wolds. Not much to see in these parts, apart from the countryside, which deserves a more considered visit. Alas it was not being all that photogenic today, so I was stuck in driving mode.

Again as I rounded The Wash I remember a drove done many years ago from Hull to Lowestoft that seemed interminable, following lorry loads of turnips. Not turnips this time thigh not sure what.

After being in the hills so much recently, it was amazing how the landscape flattens and you can see for miles, vast fields of crops and the odd stand of trees. Would love to walk here for the big skies and contrast to the hills of which I’m so fond.

Now heading for a round of the Norfolk and Suffolk coasts as I head for London.

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