SWCP – Lynmouth to Combe Martin

A slog of a day, seemed to go on forever but partly due to two big climbs and several smaller ones. Lost my walking companion dye to injury, but managed to walk the afternoon in the company of two nice Germans (hello Sebastian and Nadine!) who I helped get acquainted with their first experience of real ale (Exmoor Stag and Sharpe’s Doom Bar).

The pictures show the approach to the Valley of the Rocks, the view into Woody Bay, and a view back along the coast from the top of Great Hangman. I’ve now walked all of the coastline you can see stretching into the distance!

Looking west from Combe Martin the land looks to drop away, so hopefully the big stuff is now out of the way, but I expect more ups and downs yet. Last night of the B&B, so will be looking to camp from tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “SWCP – Lynmouth to Combe Martin

  1. Great stuff Dave! Looks fabulous. Take care of yourself , and we hope the weather stays dry and mild for you.
    See you on the 14th at Binham Grange. Lots of love.xxxxx

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