Walking the South West Coast Path (SWCP)

A map showing that section of coast path between Minehead and Clovelly

Map of the South West Coast Path, Minehead to Clovelly section

Finally, I get to go on a walking tour. I’ve been mad keen on doing something like this for best part of a year. Much of last year was lost to house renovations, and certainly meant that I couldn’t keep cycle fit, such that touring by bike at the moment would probably not be all that enjoyable. I have been able to get in a good amount of walking, particularly in the last couple of months, although I could have done with a bit more preparation carrying a pack.

Now that Mel is getting into the setup for her summer exhibition at Binham Grange, it means that we aren’t moving around all the time and I can find a few days to take a hike. Although I was likely to do this anyway at this time, it helped that Nick said he really wanted to do something similar for a few days, and so he is joining me for the first three, possibly four. It will be great having some company for the walk, but also great to get a few days walking by myself as well, as I will be gone for 7-8 days in total. Starting from Binham Grange, just east of Minehead, I’ll get to take in Minehead, Porlock, Lynton & Lynmouth, Combe Martin, Ilfracombe, Woolacombe, Croyde, Braunton, Barnstaple, Instow, Westward Ho! and hopefully Clovelly.

It would be really nice to notch up 100 miles in the week, which it should be if I can make it through to Clovelly. The daily distances aren’t too bad at 12-14 miles, but carrying a pack too is going to take its toll. We are B&Bing for the first 3 nights, but I’ll be camping for the remainder, and so will need to be carrying a full pack from the start. Given that its summer and warmer in the evenings, I should be fine with lighter weight sleeping bag and clothing, so it shouldn’t be too much of a burden. I managed ok in the winter with a heavy bag, but then there is always the drain of day after day walking to consider.

We are setting off on Tuesday morning, and I hope to be able to blog along the way, but one thing that I’m quite keen on doing is switching off and disconnecting from the internet a bit as. I may note my thoughts via a good old fashioned notebook and pen and then write it up later, but I’m bound to revert slightly to type at times. My position should be tracked via the maps over in the sidebar, so if you want to follow progress that should remain fairly accurate. I may just photo blog as I’m going along, so I don’t have to think too much about writing. Send me an email or a text message if you like, it will help to keep the spirits up no doubt! Mobile number is over there in the sidebar.

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