The One Where We Soiled The Pub Carpet

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Whatever your best intentions, training for some slightly arduous task can so easily get diverted (in my case often by friends offering alcohol). But we might as well seize those opportunities when they come along. Still, it does leave something of a deficit in the training column, and whilst I’m sure I’ll survive, I just want to make sure its not too painful. So this afternoon I decided to take a break and walk. Kate proposed a route from Luxborough to Exton and back, about 11 miles. I looked at the map and couldn’t see how we’d do it without quite a bit of road work, albeit quite country lanes, but roads all the same. Walking over uneven ground is much better training if thats what you intend to walk across on the day. I proposed Luxborough to Wheddon Cross, same sort of distance, but with an advantage of a valley route on the way out, and a hill top route on the return. Caroline met us on the way back from work at Wheddon Cross. We’d got there early and popped into the Rest and Be Thankful for a swift half, but alas one of Kate’s dogs wasn’t feeling so well, and upchucked on the pub carpet. Kate does a marvellous job of clearing up after the dogs, but the landlord still looks somewhat peeved. We do a good job of clearing away the mess, despite the fact that the dogs obviously been scoffing too much sheep poo on the way up. Nice!

Setting off back we took a loop out towards Luckwell Bridge, then back along a lovely green lane, despite the slightly relentless climb. Once back on top, we got spectacular views across the Bristol Channel to Wales, and could just about make out Dartmoor through the haze as we crossed the top of Lype Hill. A slightly stumbling walk back down into Luxborough to meet James and enjoy a couple of pints and fish and chips in the Royal Oak, which sadly seems to be a little off the boil at the moment, although the food was fine. 11 miles in all, so that should set us in good stead for Sundays 22 miles.

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