The One With The Shorter Than Expected Walk




What with the proposed Wivey Way walk on Sunday, and after a day stuck in the van working on the [Festival Guide](, I decided I had to get out for a walk. Another lovely sunny evening, another walk out to that field of barley from the other day, but this time I was able to walk out into the middle of it (yes there is a footpath) to get some better pictures. That led me on up Maundown towards the filter station, and I thought it an opportune moment to call and see if Bob was in for a chat. Still convalescing after a hip-op, I thought I’d see if he’d like some company. I was only a few minutes away, and by the time I approached the kitchen door he was ready and waiting with glass of wine in hand for me. What a sport!

So we had a lovely chat for about an hour and half before Pauline got home from some meeting or other, so we then had to have more wine and catch up there and put the world to rights. All in all, the walk ended up being somewhat shorter, but the consolation prize was good company, and I even got to see the perigee moon as I wandered back down the road. Bit darn chilly though as I was dressed for an evening walk but by now the sun was well off to bed and the evening had turned distinctly chilly.

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