Torridon and Loch Grobaig

Wild camping next to a waterfall was strangely peaceful, but the van looked like it had developed chickenpox overnight due to the beach trees we were parked under shedding leaves.

We got out early for a walk up the valley towards Loch Grobaig. The hills above were tempting but also mostly shrouded in cloud, and a strong wind kept gusting up the valley the further we went, making the waterfalls run backwards.

Passing showers made it intermittently damp but the wind kept drying us out to, so all in all, not a bad romp through some wild and desolate scenery.

1 thought on “Torridon and Loch Grobaig

  1. Hi Mel and Dave, not to much ale last night in the Applecross Inn ?. We have bin there a lot in the past, the food wash Always very good (hoop its still the same). Now you no why we are still going up there for 29 years ,and a lot more we hoop.
    I hope the sun will shine when you cross the Pass of the Cattle it is stuning ,more fantastic photos
    Love Jan and Joan.

    P.S. we are loking forward to your travelguidebook to be publisht

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