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The Weather Outside is Frightful, the Snow is so…. missing!

A bit of a pee souper of a day. It rained overnight, and in theory should have snowed above about 1700m, but the overnight snow reports suggest that it got rain to at least 1850m, so the chances are that what little, crappy snow there was has just been annihilated. St Gervais only goes to about 2100m, and its hard… Read more »

Black Run at Les Saises – in the Sunshine!

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  A quick try at videoing a run at Les Saises – a black whose name I now forget – Kamikaze I think it was.  Quite nice snow cover, although a couple of bald patches which I had to try and avoid whilst videoing.  It’s not easy hand-holding a camera and trying to keep your balance!  Not exactly the most… Read more »

Oh What Lazy Buggers We Are!

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I don’t know, 5 days we’ve been here and so far only managed 2 afternoons of skiing! Actually I don’t feel bad about it, it’s still a nice break. I blame the snow quality above all else, it’s just not much fun when it’s like it is. Yesterday and today have been cloudy, and again, skiing is less fun in… Read more »

Grey Day Here, But a Black Friday for Japan

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24 hours without Internet access and things can change in an instance. An 8.8 magnitude earthquake yesterday in Japan now dominates the news. If shaking isn’t enough, the following tsunami and now the likely meltdown of a nuclear reactor is going to leave a devastating toll on the people of Japan. Only weeks after the Christchurch quake, we are reminded… Read more »

Lack of Gumption, so a day of rest

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Today was a bit of a washout. Both of us were suffering from a lack of gumption for some reason. I got up and decided to get on with a slightly different morning workout routine, based on the principles of natural fitness. I’d already been kind of following this, doing 100 standing squats and 20-30 pushups in the morning. The… Read more »

J’Arrivee Saint Gervais!

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A very pleasant drive down through the Jura region, then onwards to the Alps. We arrived in St Gervais at about 1pm, and quickly found the apartment. Not hard as we know St Gervais so well. It’s odd to think that its been 5 years since we’ve been here, it all seems very familiar, although there are a few noticeable… Read more »

Besançon – Eyeballing the June Cycling Trip

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Brilliant!  We’ve stopped overnight in Besançon, the point at which the current trip south crosses the route of the June Bike Trip.  I was looking forward to this, particularly after the cycling trip this weekend. I know its just a strip of tarmac/gravel/whatever, but to actually see something that you’ll cycling over in about three and a half months time… Read more »

Samsung Rethinks Their Tablet Pricing Structure After iPad 2 Announcement Apple obviously made a big bet on the launch of the iPad in order to get the volume pricing necessary to get ahead of the competition. Now that the tablet format has established itself as a significant form factor for the future of the personal computer, you’d think that the likes of Samsung would have the courage of it’s… Read more »