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iPad 3G with Orange SIM can’t roam outside UK

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This caught me by surprise. I called Orange to check to make sure both my mobile phone and my iPad SIM were enabled for European roaming. The phone is fine, but roaming cannot be enabled on the iPad SIM card, due to the fact that the iPad doesn’t have support for SMS text messages. Well, the iPad does sort of… Read more »

Dave’s 40th Birthday Bike Ride

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Well, here we all are, the weekend has finally arrived. A quick ride to Taunton meant we had 30 minutes waiting for the train, which turned into an hour due to signalling problems. A bit cold on the station platform in Lycra this morning, but a fantastic sunny day – perfect weather for a bike ride. Difficulty navigating out of… Read more »

iPad 3 – So what’s next?

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Following up on the iPad 2 announcement, here is a bit of a prediction on what Apple will do next. This also informs my current thought to hold back on an upgrade (although for me the two things that are holding me back more is the desire for an iPhone and the fact I already own an iPad). Coming Soon… Read more »

iPad 2 – Or how to make something good, a whole lot better Apple may just have done it again. Subtle but significant advances to an already ground breaking device. Give it another year or two, and I will be out of a job. 90% of the population will have junked their PCs in favour of a computer that actually works, in almost all conceivable situations in consumer and business markets. Only… Read more »

Fitness and Health Roundup

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February has been a great month. My challenge for the month was to incorporate some form of exercise into every day, and I’ve again largely achieved the goal. Significant exercise has been in the form of going to the Gym, working outside on the hedging in the field, cycling, and a daily morning routine to strengthen the legs for the… Read more »

Insurance premiums to change after ECJ gender ruling Possibly one of the worst cases of Political Correctness Gone Mad I have yet to encounter. Whilst I wholeheartedly agree that no one should be discriminated against on the grounds of gender alone, there is a clear statistical difference between the insurance claims of men and women, and the young and old. This isn’t a case of ‘who is… Read more »