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Eurovelo 6 – The Adventure Begins! 1000 miles to go!

Here we are then. Plymouth docks and a ferry to catch. Mr Jones has bigger bags than me. I’m not sure if that will be a disadvantage. I’m thinking I can lash on a tow rope and he won’t notice. I’m worried that all the other cyclists on board look malnourished and weather beaten. Perhaps that is my fate, but… Read more »

The Art of Impossibility

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The Art of Impossibility | Management Innovation eXchange The most disruptive thing you can in 2011? It might just be giving those renegades-in-waiting the tools and the time to look the ridiculously, preposterously impossible squarely in the eye—and take it on with a vengeance.

via BBC News – Devon, Norfolk, Somerset and Wiltshire get faster broadband Interesting news, but if anything like the last quango money pit, I’ll be surprised I’d it achieves much. You can guarantee that BT will be revising plans for any further 21CN or FTTC roll outs around here (and not for the better).

A Tour in the Hills – 9 Days to Go

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Click Here for the Full Interactive Map A blustery day for a ride, although strangely the extra touring weight carried today provided a degree of stabilisation.  Mr Smith made the foolish mistake of taking the road bike and got blown around a bit.  And a puncture, which gladly the weather abated slightly during the repair, so it was a jolly… Read more »

Quick Paleo and Fitness Update – 90 days

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Just wanted to quickly update on the fitness progress.  The Paleo diet has been going well, I’ve hacked it around a bit to see what effects can be had and for me at least, sticking to the core principles is whats needed.  The lack of wheat in the diet has made a huge difference to my eczema.  I deliberately ate… Read more »

iPhone 4 External Battery Case Review

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I thought I’d post this as it may well help others. I’ve recently been trying to find a combined external case and battery for my iPhone 4, as I use it frequently for GPS navigation/tracking, and this really hammers the battery. I can manage a good 4-5 hours on the internal battery, but a days walking/cycling can easily leave you… Read more »

iPad Not Charging Well Via USB After Upgrading to iOS 4.3.3

A slightly worrying phenomenon appears to have come across the iPad (v1) since upgrading to iOS 4.3.3.  I normally rely on connecting the iPad daily to the Mac Pro to allow for sync and also to recharge the iPad, although it often not below 75% by the time I do this, even though I use it for several hours each… Read more »

Hunters, Hail Storms and an East German!

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Click Here for the Full Interactive Map Today was a good day to get out for a pre-tour bike ride.  Unfortunately, the weather forecast was not 100% accurate, or at least I was being over optimistic!  Heavy showers and a strong wind were not quite what I was expecting.  It started out with cycling up to Treeborough to watch the… Read more »