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What Better Way to End the Year But With a Hill?

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This year has been quite extraordinary for me. I’ve spent what now on reflection almost seems an obscene amount of time out of the country. Three weeks in March in the French Alps, doing the usual thing of skiing, although with such poor snow at the end of the 2011 season we discovered a new pursuit of walking the mountains… Read more »

Meet Spanish Flora, Such a Nice Girl

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We moved campsites today as expected, so we are now on the southern end of the Parc Natural de la Siera d’Irta, Camping Ribamar. Unfortunately the wifi is poor, or at least the satellite uplink they use is poor. We are only just in range of the access point, so may consider moving pitches, but I suspect the uplink is… Read more »

Cycling the Coastal Path from Peñiscola to Alcossebre

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A very pleasant cycle today along the coastal path, a rocky track cum road that the locals use to get to the beaches tucked away behind the Parc Natural de la Sierra d’Irta. There was a stiff wind which was mostly across us on both the outward and return legs, except for full in the face on the final leg… Read more »

Big Jump South Towards Valencia

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After the Roman ruins of Empúries and a stop for lunch on the seafront at Escala, we decided it was time for a big jump south, and headed onto the Autopista towards Valencia. Mel had sussed out a campsite that might be a good place to stop for a few days and enjoy the new year break. We finally arrived… Read more »

Roman Ruins at Empúries

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After a slightly haphazard route we eventually found the Roman town of Empúries, close to Escala. It was apparently the first Roman settlement in the Western Mediterranean, and something of a bustling port. I doubt the harbour was ultimately up to much, hence the fact that there is no modern settlement of any significance, but the ruins are quite extensive…. Read more »

Into the Spanish Hills

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People camp in the strangest places. We thought our overnight stop was busking it a little, we spent the whole evening listening to mildly exuberant teenagers not far from the van. We assumed it was the local teenagers hangout, and were just surprised they were braving the cold. They went by midnight, so not an issue. Except the voices were… Read more »

An Excellent Coastal Drive

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As anticipated from the maps, this strip of coastline is pretty interesting, the road winding in and out of inlets (and should that be outlets?). Lovely watching the sun go down albeit slightly early due to the east facing nature of the place. We’ve found a wild camping spot, a slightly glorified layby with no services but that shouldn’t be… Read more »

Cruzar la Frontera Española

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¡Hola! At last we cross the border into Spain! Like most border crossings in the Shengen Area, it’s looking a little out of place and run down these days. The bar wasn’t even open, and I doubt they sell many souvenirs these days. I can’t believe that it’s taken us over 6 weeks to get this far. I thought we… Read more »

First Ground Frost, Must be Time to Leave France

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Up earlier than normal today as there were errands to be run before leaving the by now familiar territories of France, and heading off into bandit country. Oh sorry, that’s Mexico isn’t it? The road into Narbonne was particularly fetching, with frosty grass and low mist on the plains below. The Pyrenees were looming large again in the background and… Read more »