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The Wivey Way, A 20 Mile Circular Walk Around Wiveliscombe, Somerset

Our big day for a big walk, The Wivey Way, a 20 mile circular walk around the Somerset town of Wiveliscombe. Wivey has been our home for the last 14 years, and we are now, albeit temporarily, leaving it for a life on the road. Travel and adventure on a slightly larger scale. And what a fitting way of saying goodbye to Wivey but to take the opportunity to view it from every angle. We were blessed with great weather, not too hot, and as luck would have it, our fellow walkers homes were alongside the route so suitable pitstops were easily at hand.

The One Where We Soiled The Pub Carpet

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Click Here for the Full Interactive Map Whatever your best intentions, training for some slightly arduous task can so easily get diverted (in my case often by friends offering alcohol). But we might as well seize those opportunities when they come along. Still, it does leave something of a deficit in the training column, and whilst I’m sure I’ll survive,… Read more »

The One With The Shorter Than Expected Walk

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What with the proposed Wivey Way walk on Sunday, and after a day stuck in the van working on the Festival Guide, I decided I had to get out for a walk. Another lovely sunny evening, another walk out to that field of barley from the other day, but this time I was able to walk out into the middle… Read more »

Walking Into Wiveliscombe

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Sunday saw the first of the new Wivey Town Markets, inspired in part by the successful 10 Parishes Festival Street Markets held in September. If things go to plan, this should give Wivey a quarterly market throughout the year. Whilst I have some connection to the Festival Markets, I don’t with these Town Markets. We decided to walk down from… Read more »

‘Bigger and brighter supermoon’ to light up night sky

Apparently, the BBC are reporting that tonight we have a good chance of seeing a ‘supermoon’, otherwise known as a ‘perigee’, which occurs when a full moon coincides with its closet point to the earth in its slightly elliptical orbit. The result is that it can appear up to 14% larger than at its furthest point, and when seen as… Read more »

New Perspectives on Places We Know

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It’s funny how small changes can alter the way you see things that you are already familiar with. Last night we went to the pub in Langley Marsh, a perfectly normal thing, apart from the fact we were starting from a different base. The 3 minute walk was going to be more like 15, and would take us past the… Read more »

All Systems Go, Now Feeling Homeless

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Finally a day of relative relaxation. Not helped by being woken overnight by the sound of heavy rain hitting the roof of the van, but you get used to being slightly closer to nature. We had a well deserved slow start before starting on the chores for the day. Mel had a meeting on the Quantocks regarding future exhibitions, and… Read more »

At Last – A Truly Minimalist House

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So this is it! After several years of trying to lead a more minimalist lifestyle, I’ve whittled the house down to a completely empty state! Perfect! Seriously though, this was our last day in the house as we’ve now let it out for the next year so that we can lead a more mobile lifestyle in the Motorhome. The last… Read more »