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Konquering Kinder

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Another day of walking by myself (which I actually quite enjoy) and after a very lazy morning I decided that it was about time to get out and do something with the day. The morning mist was slowly burning off to reveal another gorgeous day in paradise. I’d sized up several options for the day, but decided in the end… Read more »

Thoughts on iOS 7 After a Week

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Ben Brooks posted some thoughts on the good and the not so good aspects of iOS 7. I have to take task with some of them, because not all is rosey. The Good (Apparently) The lock screen is f*cking gorgeous — I don’t care what anyone says. Well I say not so gorgeous. The time font is too light. I… Read more »

Ladybower, Derwent and Howden Reservoirs

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A day out on the bikes, and despite the threat and even sight of rain nearby, we stayed dry. Starting from the campsite we had some lanes marked as NCR 6 into Thornhill and turn across the Yorkshire Bridge into the eastern bank of the reservoir. Once at Ashopton you turn onto bridle way, but it’s really a well groomed… Read more »

Longnor Wood, Butterton Moor, Warslow

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A much better day, full on shorts and T-shirt, balmy summers day, a real contrast to yesterday’s grey. A different direction for today’s walk heading southwest towards Butterton Moor. Our destination was the be the Mermaid pub, which we past whilst leaving on the last trip and thought the views spectacular. We may have berm wrong about the location, and… Read more »

Longnor, Hollinsclough and Chrome Hill

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The weather not so good today, but managed to stay dry but the general misty greyness took the edge off some of the views. We covered about 9 miles in a loop from the campsite at Longnor Wood to the pretty village of Hollinsclough, the a loop around to the north if Chrome Hill, which stands starkly against the surrounding… Read more »

Back to the Peak District

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A return trip to the Peak District this week, a chance to investigate an area around the village of Longnor that we drove through last time. The landscape was stunning on that sunny summer evening, and didn’t disappoint on the return. It was evening by the time we arrived, so we walked into Longnor to check out the pubs, then… Read more »

TDD in Objective-C: Scoping an iOS Project via Mocks and Protocols with Unit Tests in Kiwi

Overview The following is an overview of how I approach Test Driven Development (TDD) for iOS projects. I use Kiwi as my TDD tool of choice, but you could apply the following with other TDD tools if you like. The only prerequisite is that the TDD tool supports mocks on protocols. App Requirements For this example I’m building an application… Read more »

Helwell Bay Campsite, Watchet

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We finally went yo stay at this site on the edge of Watchet, very convenient for Mel to get to the studio. It’s a no frills site, but a great spot, literally spitting distance to the sea, and we’ll be back there again next week, and probably for longer before we head off for our winter trip. Kevin McCloud’s latest… Read more »

iOS 7 First Impressions

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Finally managed to get the iOS 7 over-the-air update overnight after it became available from 6pm UK time. I’ve not got a brilliant connection on this campsite, but it was not helped by Apple’s servers being overwhelmed. But then you try doing updates of a 700mb download to 300 million people. iPad mini had the wrong timezone from the welcome… Read more »