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Happy New Year!

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Little to report over the last couple of days as we’ve been trying to get some miles under the belt (or should that be kilometres?). Travelling down the west coast there was some nice cliff edge drives, you know the sort, the road clinging perilously to the edge of the mountains that plunge down into the sea, and your trying… Read more »

Greek and Roman Ruins at Paestum

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After 5 days in Pompeii we set off south. Driving back through the hills to Salerno meant we got to see another perspective on the bus trip from the day before. Taking the coast road south of Salerno you get to drive right along the sea front, with waves break just 30 metres or so to your right. After an… Read more »

Amalfi Coast

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With a somewhat improved weather situation, we headed out for the day, a combined train and bus journey from Pompeii via Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi and Solerno. The Amalfi Coast is world renowned for its towns clinging to the steep cliffs above the sea, and the twisting road that runs the perimeter of the Peninsula. Sorrento in the west is not… Read more »

Pompeii’s Vivid Artistry

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Yesterday was about the first proper wet day since we arrived. About an inch of rain over the course of the day, so we had a duvet day, read, watched a film, and generally chilled, much like Christmas Day. Today we are off on the train to Sorrento and perhaps a bus ride along the Amalfi coast. It’s a grey… Read more »

A Christmas Special

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We made it to Pompeii. We didn’t stop for Naples, a sprawling mass of humanity. The campsite couldn’t be more conveniently located, right next to the entrance to Pompeii and the railway station, and not expensive either. We squeezed ourselves into the slightly tortuous site which is littered with orange trees. A bigger van would struggle. There are a few… Read more »

Roaming Around Rome

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Saturday, and we returned for another invasion of Rome. We took a different tack, starting again from St. Peter’s station, but this time heading into Trastevere. From the hill you get a nice panoramic view across the city, although it didn’t photograph well. We dropped down the hill and crossed into the historic centre, rounded the Campidoglo and wandered amongst… Read more »

When in Rome

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As they say, ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’ but I decided against the idea of getting a political career and a bevy of prostitutes. Instead, we settled for coffee and cake. St. Peter’s Square was the first port of call, and it was less impressive than I had imagined. Partly be use they were in the process… Read more »

Tarquinia and the Etruscan Burial Chambers

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After arriving by ferry at Civitavecchia, we headed for the town of Tarquinia as it was not too far away and our book showed two possible overnight camping spots. The first was in the town and turned out not to look like the photo, it was sloping and mostly under a low canopy of trees that limited where you could… Read more »

Time for a Change of Theme (on the Blog that is)

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I’ve been looking for a new layout for this site for at least the last couple of years, but its always been a question of finding the time, and the inspiration. I’ve wanted it to be clean and easy to read, somewhat minimalist, and compatible with all of the content and plugins that the site uses. Not too much to… Read more »

Arrived Safely in Civitavecchia

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We slept well overnight and woke to find our selves sailing through the gap between Corsica and Sardinia. The crossing was perfectly calm throughout, like the proverbial mill pond. We only had to endure the rest of the day in the ships lounge which has the worlds most uncomfortable seats. Very few other people bothered joining us. There weeny many… Read more »