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The Waterfalls of Glas Bheinn

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A damp start, but a cracking finish, one of the balmiest days so far. We headed out for a walk to Britain’s highest waterfall, Eas a ChĂșal Aluinn. It has to be said, we failed, but had a lovely time. Given how fine the afternoon was turning out, we fancied a circular walk to return over Glas Bheinn, but realised… Read more »

Tarbet to Scourie

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Another day, another walk. After a drive around a tiny, winding road following the coast, we arrived at Tarbet, from which you can, in the summer, get a boat across the bay to Handa Island, a bird sanctuary. We opted for the walk over the headland to Scourie, despite the warning sign advising of its poorly way marked and challenging… Read more »

Sandwood Bay, Cape Wrath

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Moving around to the west side of the Cape Wrath peninsula, we drove out to the charming bay at Droman, and then set off on a walk to Sandwood Bay, one of Scotland’s most secluded beaches. We took the less travelled route on the way out, which ended up with about a mile of heather thrashing and bog hopping to… Read more »

Durness and Faraid Head

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A slightly wetter than desired start, but it soon have way to a calm and pleasant day. The morning started with a brief, damp visit to Ceannabeinne Beach, a lovely cove with golden sands. Followed by the contrasting Smoo Cave, a deep, narrow cove terminating by a deep cave, part carved by the sea, and part by an underground river…. Read more »

Inverness to Tongue via Lairg and Altnaharra

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This morning I had to spend time doing some work. I know, on a Sunday! But I needed to get something sent off whilst I still had good internet access, so whilst Mel toured the shops of Inverness, I took advantage of some coffee, cake and wifi. Job done, on more than one account. Our mission was then to get… Read more »

Fort William to Inverness

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A little wander along Loch Ness, but no sign of Nessie. Although we took the scenic route along the East shore, up over the hills. Ridiculous number of Red Deer stags bellowing across the hills. Hard to spot, but maybe a dozen in a few square miles. We didn’t bother with walking up Ben Nevis, just passing through here at… Read more »

Caught by the Trossachs on the Shores of Loch Lomond

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Thursday was a quiet day, waiting for Mel’s return into Glasgow airport. I spent Wednesday on the edge of Ayr, and took the opportunity to do some clothes shopping. Not much else to do in Ayr High Street, unless you want to buy tacky jewellery or pawn some dodgy electronics (presumably so you can buy some tacky jewellery). Thursday morning… Read more »

On Foot Around Loch Doon, Loch Riecawr, and Loch Braden

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A misty morning start, which spoilt the sunrise, then compounded by turning to full on fog for an hour. But soon enough the fog cleared and I could set off for a good walk. Following the forest track from Loch Doon I headed west. No sooner had I started that I spotted a Heron perched on a stone in the… Read more »