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What You Need to Know About the Flashback Trojan

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On April 4, Russian antivirus vendor Dr. Web published strong evidence that more than 500,000 Macs have been infected by the latest variant of the Flashback trojan. As Mikko Hypponen, Chief Researcher at F-Secure pointed out via Twitter, if there are roughly 45 million Macs out there, Flashback would now have infected more than 1 percent of them, making Flashback… Read more »

WordPress Install Hacked Again with page_options Function and References to

This site fell victim to a hack that allowed potentially malicious code to be installed. After investigation, it appears no code was inserted, but a backdoor was created, which I’ve now firmly closed shut. Read about what happen, how I investigated, and what remedies were taken that you might find useful if you are vulnerable to similar problems.

Reflections on Apple’s March 2012 iPad and Apple TV Announcements

A few days on from Apple’s most recent product announcements, and it’s good to be able to reflect on the the detail, and the media coverage that such an event whips up. Apple, particularly with Steve Jobs at the helm, we’re masters of whipping up the crowd and giving a clearly defined message, one designed to convey the important details… Read more »

The New iPad

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Ok, so Apple’s latest media event has revealed the iPad 3 and and update Apple TV box (not a TV set, or anything revolutionary, as had been hoped for by many). The iPad gets the expected upgrades: High resolution ‘retina’ display so everything onscreen looks more gorgeous (allegedly) Camera upgrade to 5MP so you can take respectable photos 4G LTE… Read more »

Is The Secret Feature of The iPad 3 a New Touch Technology?

The most tantalizing and attractive possibility I could come up with was the introduction of a touch-feedback technology for the iPad’s display. Is The Secret Feature of The iPad 3 a New Touch Technology? Via TheNextWeb Wild speculation possibly, but this last minute rumour about the iPad 3 launch, expected to come later today at Apple’s media conference, could be… Read more »

Why Apple Won’t Replace the 30-pin Dock Connector on iPhone/iPad – They’ll Lose It

An updated “micro dock” would make room for bigger batteries, 4G radios, and other components far more important to the iPhone and iPad in a PC free world. Apple getting ready to ditch the traditional iPhone, iPad, and iPod dock connector | iMore iMore and others have been speculating that the 30-pin dock connector on the iPhone/iPad is ripe for… Read more »

What’s Wrong with the iOS Home Screen?

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There has been discussion lately about the possibility, or at least desire, that Apple will redesign the home screen on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod). I don’t believe they will make any substantial changes in the near future. With the continued iOS-ification of OS X on the desktop, it would seem an odd about face for a company that puts… Read more »

Why Microsoft’s Irrelevance is Slowly Becoming Clear

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Logo Image for the Microsoft Office Suite

Then, she explained, the iPhone came. There was no Office. People got things done. Then the iPad came. There was no Office. People got things done. Android came. People got things done. All of those things that they, just a couple of years ago, were convinced they needed Office to do. They got them done without it. And thus, the… Read more »

How Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion Helps Signpost the Vision for a Post-PC Era

OS X Mountain Lion - Messages App Unified Across Devices

Apple announces the next version of OS X, ‘Mountain Lion’, which continues the trend of bringing iOS features to the desktop. It also suggests of a shift in Apple’s strategy for the desktop overall. With Apple’s core market moving further towards the consumer and business pocket, how might the product line up reflect Apple’s changing fortunes?