2 thoughts on “Making Life Interesting with a Payload and BOB Yak Trailer

  1. You didn’t warn me! Your blog entries of daring feats up and down the mountain ranges of France, inspired us to go for a bike ride. My first in probably 20 years and my bum bones are killing me! How on earth anybody copes on those narrow seats I will never understand – I am going to stick to horses, much more comfortable.

    1. Didn’t you read the disclaimer? I’m sorry to hear about your bottom, but I don’t think I could take responsibility for any injuries received. Although I have a tube of Savlon, if that’s of any use?

      You can rest assured that I does get better with practice, just like with horse riding. I think I would have a sore bottom if I tried to spend any time on a horse after a 3 year break!

      Before you spend money on a saddle, get some padded shorts or at least underpants (not that it’s there as a cushion, but it helps), and cycle a moderate amount several days in a row – does wonders to harden up the derrière! 5-10 miles should do it to start with. How far did you cycle at the weekend?

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