A Little Bit on Minimalism

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Since early 2010 I’ve been on a bit of a minimalist mission.  I wasn’t specifically trying to live in a white box with practically no furniture – not quite that sort of minimalism – but certainly a desire to unclutter and simplify my lifestyle.  I withdrew from a few community related activities in order to create some mental space and… Read more »

Which Way Does Adventure Lie?

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Thinking more about the cycling adventure for this year, I’m just having a little wonder to myself what the advantages are of having a predetermined route: You get a chance to pre-plan logistics for departure and return The overall objective helps push you on day-after-day You get a chance to identify places of interest along the route so you don’t… Read more »

Adventure Awaits – Eurovelo Route 6 – Nantes to Basel

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Doing more research into the possible route of the cycling expedition, the Eurovelo range of cycling routes across Europe has caught my eye.  The original thought courtesy of Alan was to cycle either the Rhine or the Danube, and I’ve just discovered the Eurovelo Route 6 starts on the West coast of France and follows the Loire, Central Canals, Doube,… Read more »

Why Cycle 1,000 miles in a Single Tour?

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For those wondering about this particular challenge, heres a little bit of my thinking. Cycling is a great because: It get’s you outdoors It’s good exercise It connects you to the landscape and environment at a human scale You get to explore places that you might otherwise miss It’s great thinking time But why travel 1,000 miles in 30 days?… Read more »

Doing Things Differently in 2011

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Time to start blogging again.  Time to start finding yet more ways to enrich my life.  I’ve always enjoyed a challenge, but sometimes manage to take on too many things at the same time, so whilst I enjoy the challenge, things have a tendancy to get a little bit crazy in the process.  This year I’ve decided to recognise a… Read more »

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics: Apple iPhone 4 Press Conference

A few days on from the Apple ‘Antennagate’ Press Conference, I thought I’d share a few thoughts about how Apple’s presentation of the facts went, and what it means for iPhone 4 users. Steve Jobs did his usual bit of good showmanship in order to try and explain the problem and put it in the best possible light, but came… Read more »

Using the iPad as a Wireless Keyboard

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Something that I had been thinking about recently is what move might Apple make next to revolutionise the way that we interact with our computers.  Touch is definitely here to stay, but I don’t see why that should be restricted to mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad. My first thought was that the MacBook Air will get an… Read more »

iPhone 4 Signal Strength is a Victim of Apple’s Own Secrecy

Apple iPhone Antenna Design

Not that I have an iPhone 4 (yet) but its interesting reading the various reports on the loss of signal strength (and inevitable dropped calls) that seems to be caused by holding the phone in the left hand. It does seem obvious to me that as the skin is electrically conductive, that if you bridge the gap between the 3G… Read more »

iPad Temperature Warning – It Gets All Hot Under the Collar

iPad Temperature Warning Screen

First time this has happened to me, but it appears that the iPad has some issues with working in warm, sunny conditions. I was enjoying the sunshine at lunchtime today and was looking forward to catching up with some online articles whilst I munched, but after only about 5 minutes in the direct sunlight the iPad decided it couldn’t take… Read more »

Adobe Announces a Digital Viewer and Publishing Platform for the iPad

I’ve been using Adobe tools for several years, mostly Photoshop but latterly InDesign as well.  Whilst they are fine tools, one thing that they have seemingly lacked is a true understanding of the digital world.  Most of their export tools that target the web have been decidedly crufty, although I admit that I’ve used the likes of Dreamweaver so little… Read more »